Dear Educators and Families

Siccum Tempestas Workshops are carefully designed to facilitate academic excellence in line with the highest quality governance standards.

Our literacy programs have as main objective the identification and conscious use of inferences in communication.

The core of our resources is based on Ethnobiology, Social Geography and Hispanic Literature.

All of our contents are linked to the national curriculum. We review and expand our range of activities with monthly updates.

Indoors Workshops:

Learning Objectives:

  • Meaningful use of inferences in communication, derived from a given text.
  • Supporting students to put into practice various aspects related to abstract learning.
  • Promoting reading habits to develop skills for independent learning.


  • Debat related to the subject-matter.
  • Recognition of key concepts by observation of etymological meanings.
  • Understanding inferences in communication.
  • Creation of calligrams to retentain meanings.
  • Elaboration and expansion of concepts.

Workshop development:

  • Viewing of a documentary film about a chosen topic.
  • Debate about the film, linking temporal, geographical and historical context.
  • Reading of a short and meaningful text, related to the subject-matter.
  • Creation of calligrams to understand and retain meanings.

Outdoors Workshops on request:

Guided trips to emblematic geographical sites, cultural heritage, social movements and scientific discoveries, museum offer, national parks, water reservoirs, guided hiking trails.

Our trips offer include transport + travel insurance + guides + accommodation + breakfast + entrance tickets to pre-booked activities.

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