Calligrams and Carton Books

Bespoke workshops; our method is based on the student´s engagement into practical tasks, reinforcing communication, social skills and self-esteem through the spontaneous involvement of the individual in the groupal activity

A literary selection for our reading workshops, complemented by our film library:


Social Geography

Hispanic Literature

African-American Literature

African Literature

European Literature

Latin American Literature

Spanish Literature

Travel Literature

Handwriting workshops: Calligrams improve communication skills, functional literacy and independent learning

Resources for Adults and Youth: Acquire our texts and materials to create your own calligrams while you learn about any topic… Enjoy reading, drawing, thinking and learning in a whole activity.

The calligram (from the French calligramme) is a visual message, made of a phrase or set of words whose purpose is to form a figure related with the topic of the text, in which the typography, calligraphy or handwritten text is arranged in such a way as to create a visual image. The images created by the words visually express what the words say.

Learn about book production by making your own Carton Books:

Select the texts

Design the printing

Craft the binding

Finish the covers

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