Secondary Education

Literacy activities. Introduction to the study of Ethnobiology. Spanish Language. Calligrams. Learning orientation methods with the use of maps and compasses. Film Library.

Siccum Tempestas methodology takes in consideration the young persons natural predisposition to be self focused and how it´s related to decision making when transitioning to adulthood.

Siccum Tempestas programs work on a cross-curricular approach for the PSHE Education (Personal, Social, Health and Economy), highlighting diverse ethical aspects in accordance with faith school and family values.

Ethnobiology and literature by Spanish-speaking recognized authors are the core of our resources when creating contents for the workshops. Analyzing the author´s and character environment we seek to instill in the reader a sense of engagement, responsibility, empathy, assertiveness, respect and love for living beings and awareness of the passage of time.

We deliver high quality Spanish Language workshops, using various educational resources as documentary films and readings from classical and modern Spanish and Latin-American writers. Siccum Tempestas courses may include the option of a complementary trip to Spain at the end of the learning time.

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